A cartoonish derpy looking bee with big eyes

Slopecrashers Demo is available on Steam

A cartoonish derpy looking bee with big eyes
A part of the Slopecrashers logo that depicts a cartoonish explosion
A part of the Slopecrashers logo that depicts different animals on snowboards that appear in the game. From left to right: a lemur looking wild, a parrot with a bowtie and a fedora, a chicken riding on a frying pan with sunglasses on, a penguin with a parachute, a surprised looking bee and a capybara with a bomb in hand
A part of the Slopecrashers logo that depicts the title Slopecrashers
A part of the Slopecrashers logo that depicts a tucan flying in front of an explosion with its mouth open
A cartoonish penguin on a snowboard wearing a fedora and a bowtie

About Slopecrashers

Slopecrashers is an arcade snowboard combat racer in which a unique crew of animals find together in a world spanning tour to become pro snowboarders.

A cartoonish penguin on a snowboard maneuvering a parachute

Arcade snowboarding is here!

This means Slopecrashers is crafted with one thing in mind and that is fun, from the character selection right into the core physics.

Stunts. Combos. Boost. Repeat!

Chain those tricks together and redeem the combo meter when you are ready for that extra speedboost!

Be on your Guard!

Look out for your opponents causing Explosions, moles digging up the ground and more. So collect items and attack! (Too stressful? Then choose an item- or opponent-free mode)

Who needs snow anyway?

And these slopes are not just in snow environments. No! Where we're shredding, We don't need snow! So don't wonder if the next race starts in a shopping mall or the desert!

Watch the gameplay trailer

What's this gorgeous music, you ask?

Slopecrashers features a fully original soundtrack composed by Benedict Nichols

A cartoonish penguin on a snowboard listening to music on their headphones


  • A chaotic band of playable animals
  • Different boards and gliders
  • Elaborate stunt & combo system with boost reward!
  • Various environments and slopes!
  • Lots of game modes (races, battle races, stuntshow, slalom & more)!
  • Couch co-op multiplayer (co-op & competitive)!
  • Campaign and arcade mode with lots of event modifiers!

Use items to get ahead of the competition!

A cartoonishly drawn, seemingly cute bee that won't be cute once it hits you


Bees search for the nr. 1 player and bring them honey for their board! 🍯

A cartoonishly drawn mole looking out of its hole


The mole digs up the ground, slowing down everyone in its path!

A cartoonishly drawn red firework rocket

Red Rocket

Lean back and enjoy the fireworks! (The racer you hit won't enjoy it as much)

A cartoonishly drawn blue firework rocket

Blue Homing Rocket

Lean back and enjoy the fireworks 2! (Much more likely to hit someone)

A cartoonishly drawn red balloon


The balloons have enough upforce to lift a penguin. Throw it at one to see for yourself!

A block of ice

Ice Block

Freezes the hit racer for a few seconds, making it impossible to steer or jump!

A picture of a cartoon snowman


Sorry, this is not the place for you, this is the perfect place to build a snowman (The hit racer will be catapulted).

A picture of a cartoon spring


Triple jump power!

A picture of a cartoonish magnet


Pulling in diamonds, pushing items away!

A picture of a cartoonish chili pepper


Attention! Hot! Makes you go very fast!

A picture of two rockets attached to a snowboard


These thrusters are usually used to bring spaceships into outer space, but they can also be used to make a lemur go fast on a board!

A drawing of a pigeon holding a bomb


Delivers the mail!

A drawing of a diamond


Local vendors trade diamonds with snowboard equipment. Sounds like a good deal!

A drawing of a grey rock


Try not to fall over them because that seems like it would hurt!

Meet the band

A chicken on a pink snowboard with a determined look on its face


Usually spends her time dancing, certified cool bird!

A parrot dabbing on a lightblue snowboard


Clumsy, but always trying to be professional - CEO - Organizer of the Slopecrashers Tournament

A lemur doing a stunt on a darkblue snowboard with a smile on its face


Loves to adventure and explore the world, but is also easily scared!

A penguin doing a stunt on a green snowboard with its eyes closed


Loves retro arcade games, professionally cute!

A raccoon on a red snowboard seemingly plotting something


Caffeine Junky / pyromaniac / maybe a little bit crazy?

A toucan doing a stunt on a yellow snowboard


Always testing her luck - very curious in nature!

Two scheming ferrets on a snowboard


Inseparable - if not pranking each other then pranking others together!

A cute capybara riding on a snowboard


Loves making and eating pizza!


Slopecrashers Logo

LogoSlopecrashers Logo

Slopecrashers Key art banner

ArtworkKey art banner


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ScreenshotScreenshot 7

A cartoonish lemur on a snowboard looking surprised and rough while getting a boost from a rocket attached to the snowboard

Game Updates

A cartoonish chicken snowboarding on a frying pan wearing sunglasses

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A message from the dev

Arcade snowboarding has been gone for too long! That's why I started making Slopecrashers! I hope you like what I've created so far and look forward to the full release!

- Johannes Lugstein | @peekstoneTwitter logo
A cartoonish chicken snowboarding on a frying pan wearing sunglasses

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