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Holiday 2022



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Slopecrashers is an arcade snowboard combat racer in which a unique crew of animals find together in a world spanning tour to become pro snowboarders. Pick your animal, grab a board and hit the slopes! You can ride on your own, battle it out in local multiplayer, or progress together through the local coop campaign. Do stunts and combos to gain extra speed or collect items that are scattered around the course and use them to protect or attack.


The idea for SLOPECRASHERS started in 2015. The animal crew, that was meant to conquer the mountains, was formed and soon came to life in the first game of the franchise called SLOPECRASHERS infinity (former: Slopecrashers). SLC Infinity was an endless snowboarding game for iOS and android mobile devices which mixed up well known endless runner gameplay with a trick-/point- and item system. It launched in early 2017 as a free game with optional in-app-purchases. In 2018 byteparrot started working on SLOPECRASHERS, the arcade snowboard combat racer for PC and consoles that is meant to release at the end of 2022.


  • Arcade snowboard mechanics with railsliding, tricks and combo systems that rewards boost for risky maneuvres
  • Combat items to protect yourself / attack the opponents or give you the upper hand for getting into shortcuts
  • A chaotic band of playable animals and multiple boards and hanggliders that all have their unique set of stats
  • Various environments (and not just your typical snowboard slopes) that are enhanced by fully original soundtracks
  • Splitscreen multiplayer for local battles and coop campaign


SLOPECRASHERS Guerrilla Collective Trailer 2022 YouTube, .mov


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About byteparrot

byteparrot is an Austrian gamedev studio that spezialises in fast and fun games. We are creating experiences inspired by good old arcade genres, make them accessible for young and old and put our own spin on it. Our games are created to be beginner friendly, but also reward players that put in the time.

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Slopecrashers Credits

Johannes Lugstein
Game Designer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks